Office movings

In mudanzas Aquiles, we think of you. That’s why we offer such a wide range of services. We count on highly trained movers specialized in files packing as well as in unpacking and packing any kind of office furniture. All done with high quality material and equipment.

Effectiveness and security

If you decide to hire Aquiles services on moving, you can be sure that the moving will be absolutely fast and with total effectiveness, taking care of your belongings security at any time. We pay high attention to the packing quality, as well as to documents and furniture!

It is highly important not to mix files up, that’s why everything is done in order and every parcel is marked. We follow your instructions!

We also move your computers very carefully and well wrapped.

We are at your service, please call us at 933259884 / 659605373 or email us:

Our main goal is helping our customers with their movings, from home to office. Short movings, interior movings or a whole moving from a store to another in the same city or in another. We also offer our services away from Spain.

Equipment and files move

We are aware of the big quantity of files an office can gather, as well as all kind of electrical equipment such as computers, printers, etc. This kind of objects moving requires a special care because it is such a fragile material. In mudanzas Aquiles we count on expert movers who can pack very carefully any kind of documents as well as mouses so there is no loss or any damaged object or file.

  • Suministro de todas las cajas que se requieren para archivos, papelería y varios.
  • Personal experimentado.
  • Supervisión por profesional.
  • Equipo moderno y adecuado.
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