Packing crockery and cups up

The most important thing when packing crockery up is that dishes do not touch each other. Most people think that the best packaging is bubble wrapping but it is not true.

The most suitable packing for crockery, cristal cups and fragile objects is the paper.

In MUDANZAS AQUILES-SN, we use paper specially created for this purpose, but it is  very similar to the newspapers’. The only difference is that ours is completely white!

If you would like to do the packing by yourself and you do not have lots of things to pack, we advise you on using old newspapers. This option is both cheaper and easier.

As said before, the important thing is that object are not touching each other.

For this reason, every unit has to be packed separately with a paper sheet (newspaper). The more crumpled the paper is, the more protected the objects are!

In any case, if you want to be absolutely sure that everything will be protected and, besides, insured, you can always call us so we advise you or do your removal!